Winter Eclectics 2012-13

The Winter Eclectic competitions are now complete. Here are the results:

CHAMPIONSHIP COURSE (Weekend) – 13 Holes – 2/3 Handicap

Scratch – M. Shepherd 42; K.I. Laird 43; W. Thompson 45.

Handicap – B.R. Carr (10) 36; S. Beattie (9 1/3) 39 2/3 (Best last 6); C.J. Hendry (9 1/3) 39 2/3.

BURNSIDE COURSE (Weekend) – 14 Holes – 2/3 Handicap

Scratch – I.K. Harrison 41; G.C. Anderson (Best last 7) 42; S. Norrie 42.

Handicap – J. Husband (12) 35; W. Allan (12 2/3) 35 1/3; D. McIntosh (8) 37.

BUDDON LINKS (Weekend) – 18 Holes – 3/4 Handicap

Scratch – S.M. Bell 49; G.J. Gall 51; S. Duncan (BIH) 52.

Handicap – A.M. Clark (6 3/4) 45 1/4; J.C.A. Smith (6) 47; N. Foggie (4 1/2) 47 1/2.

BUDDON LINKS (Tuesday) – 18 Holes – 3/4 Handicap

Scratch – J.A. Kennedy 52; A. Donaldson 55; D. Murray 56.

Handicap – C. Sim (21) 46; G. Ogilvie (11 1/4) 46 3/4; R.A. Ross (15) 47.


Competition Draws

The knock-out competition draws have now been completed and are on the notice board in the Club.

 Please note that some first round ties have to be completed by TUESDAY, April 30th .


On Saturday, 16th February, Chris Smith had a hole-in-one at the 15th hole on the Buddon course using a 5 iron. His playing partners were Gary Gall and Neil Walker.

Annual Prize-giving

The Annual Prize-giving Dinner was held on Friday, 30th November, 2012. Pictured are the top table and prize-winners.

Scott Bricknal, winner of Sons of Carnoustie Trophy



Club Championship runner-up Danny Elder.


Dave McIntosh, winner of the Scottish & Newcastle Trophy.


Bob Kirk and John Downie, winners of the Macdonald Smith Trophy.


Alex and Graeme Anderson, winners of the Tommy Armour Trophy.


Roy Farquhar, Dalhousie Cup winner.


Derek Adams, handicap champion, winner of the Jubilee Cup.


Dave Brand, winner of the Brand Trophy.


This year’s Club champion was Scott Mann, who unfortunately could not attend.

This year’s speaker was Alan Tait, PGA professional and joint holder of the Championship Course record.

Holes in One

HOLE-IN-ONE 20 November 2012

J. Scott Watson holed his tee shot at the 5th hole on the Buddon Course using a utility club. His playing partners were Bob Ross, Alec Rose and Carnegie Sim.

HOLE-IN-ONE 15 December 2012

Jim Murray had a hole in one at the shortened 17th hole (140 yds) on the Championship Course using a 5 wood, whilst playing in the Carnoustie G.C. Winter League on Saturday 15th December. His playing partners were John Webster, Richard Matthew and Ian Laurence.