Autumn and Winter Collection

Ontario Padded Jacket

Vermont Padded Gilet – Silver/Gunmetal

Vermont Padded Gilet – Electric Blue/Black

Arran Padded Hybrid

Beauly Cotton/Cashmere Quarter Zip

Corrie Cotton/Cashmere Quarter Zip (left); Killin Mid Layer Quarter Zip (right)

Jasper Merino Quarter Zip (left); Max Long-Sleeved Performance Shirt (right)


Prices and Colours: Ontario Padded Jacket (Navy/Red, Navy/Storm Blue £80; Vermont Padded Gilet (Electric Blue/Black, Silver/Gunmetal) £78; Arran Padded Hybrid (Navy Marl/Navy, Black Marl/Black) £74; Beauly Cotton/Cashmere Quarter Zip (Navy, Light Grey Marl, Garnet and White; Charcoal Marl, Light Grey Marl, Fuchsia and White) £75; Corrie Cotton/Cashmere Quarter Zip (Navy Marl, Light Grey Marl and Garnet) £75; Killin Mid Layer Quarter Zip (Navy and White) £68; Jasper Merino Quarter Zip (Light Grey Marl Quarter Zip) with Macdonald Smith Logo on Arm, £88; Max Long-Sleeved Performance Shirt (Navy) £37