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The Carnoustie Golf Club has many long standing Overseas and Country Members and we look forward to welcoming them to the Club and our famous Links. However, access to the courses is not managed by the local Golf Clubs and this puts some constraints on our ability to host our golfing visitors. The information below explains what we can offer and how best to communicate with us to give us the best chance to deliver your requirements during the period of your visit.

The golf courses at Carnoustie are a municipal facility, owned by Angus Council, and administered on their behalf by Carnoustie Golf Links Management Ltd. There are 2,500 Season Ticket holders with playing rights over one or more of the three courses. As a result, Carnoustie Golf Club has no direct priority on the courses and tee times are reserved by Season Ticket holders who are Club Members, and not by the Club itself.

We do have a limited facility to obtain tee times for our Overseas/Country Members, and also, under our reciprocal agreement, for members of Victoria GC, Melbourne. This facility is restricted to a maximum of 2 guests, playing with local Club Members who hold playing rights on the course to be played. Due to the requirement to have 2 local members playing with the guests, we can only host 2 guest players in any 4-ball tee time which means we are unable to obtain times for an Overseas/Country member accompanied by more than 1 other player. This restriction may be relaxed in the low season but this cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that we are totally unable to obtain tee times or offer preferential guest rates to any golfers other than our Overseas/Country members and 1 other person accompanying each member.

To obtain guest rates, Overseas/Country members must play in the company of our season ticket holding members, and, to make the necessary arrangements, we require as much notice as possible of the exact date of your intended visit. Especially in the high season, it is virtually impossible to arrange tee times given less than a month’s notice. Overseas/Country Members taking advantage of this facility will be required to pay, at the time of play, a green fee, currently £40 (2018 price), as opposed to the current normal visitor rate of £200 (2018 price).

Carnoustie Golf Links Members are only able to pre book tee times during the following time slots:

Monday to Friday: Before 08.52, from 12.30 to 13.22, and after 16.00. Saturday and Sunday: Before 13.52 through the normal weekend members’ ballot.

Weekend tee times are at a premium and are normally fully taken up by members of the seven Golf Clubs playing at Carnoustie. There is virtually no chance of obtaining guest rounds at weekends during the high season from June to September inclusive.

Tee times in the midweek member slot after 16.00 can be booked no more than 8 days ahead so we will be unable to advise you of the time of play until then. Other member times are allocated by ballot drawn 3 days in advance and only after the ballot has been drawn can we apply to take up any unused times. This means that, for weekend play, we cannot tell you if or when a time is available, until 3 days before the day of play.

Visiting golfers who prefer not to play with local members or require early information about tee time availability, can access the courses and reserve their own times by telephone at +44 1241 802277, or online at If doing this, please note that the full green fee will be payable at the time of booking.

There is a dress code in operation which requires that members and their guests should dress with a degree of conventionality. The main items which are not acceptable on the courses or in the Clubhouse are blue denim jeans, sleeveless or collarless shirts, or shirts carrying non-golf logos e.g. soccer or rugby shirts.

The Club’s catering facilities are available to you throughout the year with bar facilities available from 11.00 am to 11.00 pm and the restaurant normally open from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm or later by prior arrangement. In the winter months (October to April) these times are significantly reduced. If you wish an evening meal, this must be booked in advance. Please carry your membership card with you when you are using the Club as the bar staff may ask to see it.

If you have any questions at any time please contact the Secretary and we will do our best to answer them. The office telephone is +44 1241 852480 or you can email: [email protected]

Richard Jennings, Captain; Elizabeth Frattaroli, Managing Secretary