Buddon Links


Buddon Links - 7th

Buddon Links

Buddon Links is a relatively new golf course having been opened in 1979.

It was designed by Peter Allis and Davis Thomas, although there have been significant changes since, including the addition of 2 new holes. It has been brought up to a very testing Par 68.

The Buddon Links is a fine complement to the Championship course and it is worth a player considering 18 holes over the Buddon Links as an introduction to links golf prior to tackling the more demanding Championship course.

Hole 1 – Alma

423 Yards – Par 4 – Stroke Index 6

The wide fairway is deceptive, as anything too far left will leave a blind 2nd shot to a well-protected green.
Equally a drive pushed right will find very thick rough and the player will be unlikely to get up in 2.
The approach requires a very well struck shot to a slightly raised green and a 4 here is very welcome.

Buddon 3rd

Hole 2 – Corunna

171 Yards – Par 3 – Stroke Index 16

The upper tee has the best view of the entire Links. The green is protected by 2 bunkers at the front, a swale at the back and ample rough elsewhere so an accurate tee shot is important. Downwind  this hole does not pose too many problems, but into the wind you could be going in with a 3 or 4 iron.

Anything leaking to the right will be in danger of the out of bounds and the large mound on the left of the green is to be avoided at all costs.


Hole 3 – Wadi Akarit

364 Yards – Par 4 – Stroke Index 8
Although the fairway is reasonably wide the 2nd shot to this par 4 is a testing one with water hard up against the green on the left hand side and anything going left will result in penalty shots.

Hole 4 – Ypres

164 Yards – Par 3 – Stroke Index 18
A tricky par 3 with trees and bushes on the left hand side of the green, a solidly struck short iron should see a par 3 secured however.

Hole 5 – Kohima

323 Yards – Par 4 – Stroke Index 14

Three cleverly positioned pot bunkers will trap the careless drive and a ditch and the out of bounds fence protect the right hand side of this hole. The left part of the green is also protected by a pot bunker so a very accurate shot is needed if the pin is behind it.

Hole 6 – Vimy

401 Yards – Par 4 – Stroke Index 4
A very difficult drive with trees on both sides of the fairway and if your drive hugs the right hand side then the 2nd shot will be a blind one.
A very difficult par 4 which has been the ruin of many a scorecard.

Hole 7 – Mareth

193 Yards – Par 3 – Stroke Index 12
A long par 3 from the back tee, a ditch running in front of the green will catch any mis-hit shot.

Hole 8 – El Alamein

517 Yards – Par 5 – Stroke Index 2
Another tough driving hole with trees and bushes on the left and water on the right.
Once the fairway is found the 2nd shot is straightforward. Longer hitters will have a chance of going for the green but it is a small target. Generally a lay up shot should then leave a short chip to the green.

Hole 9 – Caen

358 Yards – Par 4 – Stroke Index 10
Any drive cutting even slightly to the right will find the water and this, together with bunkers guarding the left hand side of the fairway,  puts pressure on the tee shot.
The fairway is generously wide however and a good drive will leave a short pitch into a receptive green.

Hole 10 – Somme

395 Yards – Par 4 – Stroke Index 1
Although there is a ditch on the left and a lake on the right this is still quite a generous fairway. A good tee shot should provide an easier approach to a well protected and contoured green.

Hole 11 – The Hook

411 Yards – Par 4 – Stroke Index 7
This is the first of the newer holes added to the course. With water on the right and 2 large bunkers left of the fairway an accurate tee shot is required. After that there is still a lengthy shot to a large green which is guarded by another 2 bunkers.

Hole 12 – St Valery

398 Yards – Par 4 – Stroke Index 9
The second of the 2 new holes is a beautiful left to right dog-leg with one solitary fairway bunker. The view to the green is a stunning one and a short iron to the green should be all that is required.

Hole 13 – St Valery

186 Yards – Par 3 – Stroke Index 13

This is a lovely par 3 with heather running from the tee to an elevated green and a bunker guarding the left side.

Hole 14 – Waterloo

399 Yards – Par 4 – Stroke Index 3
A tough par 4 with heather on the left and out of bounds on the right, a long 2nd shot awaits to a narrow green, well protected by bunkers, and 4 is a very good result.

Hole 15 – Falaise

165 Yards – Par 3 – Stroke Index 17
An interesting par 3 with water on the right and trees on the left. The long green is well guarded with bunkers and swales.

Hole 16 – Cassino

493 Yards – Par 5 – Stroke Index 11
The 2nd par 5 on the Buddon Links can be reached with 2 well-struck shots for the long hitter. There are however several bunkers, heather and wispy rough ready to catch any stray shots.

Hole 17 – Tobruk

159 Yards – Par 3 – Stroke Index 15

A lovely “linksy” par 3 with no bunkers but rough and contour surrounding the green. Finish this hole then proceed to the 18th tee over the board walk and take in the stunning views.

Hole 18 – Rhine

417 Yards – Par 4 – Stroke Index 5
The last hole is a dog leg left to right with a small green with 2 deep bunkers left and right.